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Sue Sergel


Sue, originally from Liverpool in England, made a name for herself on the Swedish blues scene in the 80's and 90's as one of it's foremost singers and blues interpreters.  After her last album "Move Into The Light" (Last Buzz Records 2008) which took a definite step away from tradition, she decided to take her guitar up on stage with her and has written a bunch of glittering new songs in the "Americana" genre. Sue describes her music as modern american music with a "rootsy" feel to it. You can hear the influences from blues, country folk and even jazz.


Nowadays she performs with legendary Jimmy Olsson on bass and Erik Ivarsson on all other guitars. Erik is rapidly becoming a name on the Gothenburg club scene because of his originality and virtuosity, giving the music a more "uptown" rather than "downhome" feel.

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Standing Outside The door. 15 Jan 2018

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She Died With Her Lipstik On

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Beneath the Willow Tree

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Beneath The Willow Tree.  12 Titlar

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