Bror Nilssons Gata 4b

417 55 Göteborg

The Wave Makers

01. Am I Alone

02. Final call to Gothenburg

03 Flow Grow

04. Hjärtat mitt

05. I'll be by your side

06. Love is always the winner

07. Love is not bald

08. Me song

09. Resande

10. Siren to siren

11. Stairway of life

12. The dream is here

Wavemakers is a band formed in 2002 by the three rock musicians/composers Johan Grahn, Peter Svensson and Sonja Bjurdell. The trio then received the honour to write all the ceremonial music for the East Indiaman Götheborgs different stages such as launching, baptism, etc. The Wavemakers music has been much appreciated and played both in Sweden and in China. Through performances in China, Wavemakers made contacts with the Chinese music industry, a contact that has subsequently been deepened.

Much of the music written by Wavemakers can be described as symphonic music. When they also won this song contest with a ballad, makes it hard to believe that the band really is a rock band.

But, it is actually in rock music Wavemakers has their roots. In the year 2009 realized the band members Sonja, John and Peter, that a trio was no longer sufficient. Wavemakers then received a fantastic reinforcement by Mattias Anderson and Martin Pettersson, who made the band complete. "Now we can finally play all of our rock music live and with considerably power groove on stage, making a great show," says the band's front woman Sonja Bjurdell.

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